Organic Production

At The Garden Garden of Light began to create its organic farm six years ago and has done so in order to provide a greater, sustainable lifestyle for all who participate. We have chosen to incorporate a combination of Organic and Biodynamic Practices within the creation of our food gardens – to draw on a life positive and nurturing relationship to our land and to increase the quality of our final produce. The process of conditioning and preparing the land to create beautiful foods has been a unfolding and learning, as the ground had not been used for agriculture before. It has been an enriching and exiting project for all of those who have been part of its creation. We are excited to say that this year we have produced a very happy and abundant collection of produce including rocket, lettuce, cabbage, a wide selection of herbs, zucchini, pumpkin, spring onions and more! With much of our present fruits and vegetables we have been moving to develop into our own range of bottled pickles, preserves, and dried foods etc. There is a greater future plan in growing to expand this production. The Items we have created from the garden are available for sale at our Mini Food Stall on our Tours! Stay tuned on this space, there will be more to come…

Organic Skin Care Production As well as growing organic produce on the property, we also create our own hand-blended organic skin & body care.  Made with the highest quality blended essential oils, extracts, plant and nut oils – always certified organic and sourced in Australia where possible. check out our product range