Welcome to The Garden of Light!

The Garden of Light is a rural property in a country village in Northern NSW, Australia.  

Everything in the Garden of Light has been an evolution  and everything has been done in the company of Truth –  a labour of love, energy, time and commitment to the service of a great flowering.  

The Garden of Light is the expression of Grace alive. This ecstatic communication takes us on the evolutionary journey of the Garden of Light and how it came into being as a place where Life is felt –  a place to grow, a place for the Heart to be, a place for the Heart to expand,  a place to embrace all beings in Love.

                  “With skill and design, lakes emerged as the mud subsided,  

                surrounded by rows of flowering iris and agapanthas,

                             the land yielded to the touch of beauty and grace”

                                         ‘A Journey of Creation’ book

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