Here in Tyalgum at the Garden of Light we have a safe-haven for animals no longer wanted or that need a home. As you may have seen from pictures, in person or from the Garden of Light book, it is called Noah’s Ark Zoo. Animals that come are loved, nourished, and given a place to be. This animal husbandry is a special gift, not only to the animals, but to all those who come to delight in this sanctuary we have created together over these years. Noah’s Ark is run completely from donations from our community, friends, loved ones and visitors participating in our seasonal garden tours.

From this we have created animal shelters, fencing, irrigation and troughs. These funds also pay for vaccines, animal feed and all other costs to keep the animals happy and well… everything out of nothing. As you can imagine in a 30 acre property, there is a lot to maintain. Relying on donations alone makes maintenance and upkeep a vulnerable process. It is a constant happy play and juggle finding the way to make sure everything is held and our animals continue to have the support they need. With all the wet weather our area has had over the last few years (including a 100 year flood!), our dove aviary roof had weathered and fallen in on itself. With one little dove left, we asked for help to raise the funds so that we could rebuild the roof and restore the aviary, giving our little dove his home back and some friends to be with. We raised enough funds through our worldwide network to accomplish this mission!

We are so thankful for everyones efforts, from the sponsors to to the volunteers, all holding the vision that sanctuary can be created and manifested.

This moment is also the ignition of the new Noahs Ark animal sponsor programme. The sponsorship will work like this. You pick an animal on our website you would like to support and you sign on to pay a monthly fee to help fulfil that animals needs. In return, we will send photos to you of how they are doing every month and what your donation is helping to create. Enjoy the photos of the Creation below